Kelseyxx14 is the kind of woman that you’d love to make out with for awhile.  She’s kinda “southern” by the looks of it, although I’m probably way off base.  She seems to be pretty serious about the whole “sock fetish” thing so I decided to add her and give her some traffic, so if you dig her, please Check her Out!

Jeanette Socks


Jeanette Socks hasn’t updated in a couple of years, now it’s the holidays 2022 and she hasn’t posted since the holidays 2020.  From the looks of it though, she’s just as cute as a button.  She’s from the U.K. and I love that accent of hers.  Ahh it would just be peachy to worship the feet of this one.  I love that pic where she’s flexing her leg muscles, nice touch!  If you’d like to check her out, See Here.