addict2lb is a super pretty foot fetish creator doing her thing.  I dig her and really wish she was updating on a regular basis, but so far, she just recently started updating again.  She’s got an Official Page, let’s see what happens with her.

Valley Girl Feet

Valley Girl Feet looks to be a pretty new creator but I didn’t find any promotionals of her other than these promotional images and video.  Check out her Official Social Media for more of her.  She’s got size 11 feet and is a coed as well from what I gathered.

Cami Barefoot Official

Cami of Cami Barefoot Official, is a very cute Chelean Coed Goddess that I really wanted to put in Foot Adoration, but didn’t have enough content for it.  And as you all know now, these foot fetish creators are all routed here then.  I love this woman’s smile.  Her content is all “on the go” cellphone video, for the most part.

Dakota Fade

Dakota Fade is a cutie, but she didn’t have enough promotionals to be listed on my other foot fetish directories.  As you can see, her feet are pretty and she does a fair amount of naughtiness on her page, hopefully she’ll continue to grow her brand, time will tell.  Until then, you should Check Her Out.

Serena Soles

Serena Soles doesn’t have enough promotionals to end up on our sister site Foot Adoration and so I’m featuring her here, depending on how she updates, i’d still be down to re index her, we’ll see how it goes.  Check out her Social Media for more.

Luna Reid’s Feet

Luna Reid’s Feet are really not that bad, and I love her look.  Just looking at her, you can tell that her feet are probably hot and moist after walking around all day in a pari of flats.  See, that’s why I just can’t fall for these creators, I’d be so broke, so fast, haha.  Her toes are long and suckable.  I wonder how salty they are?  If you dig her, check out her Official Twitter!

Forever 22 feet

Forever 22 feet seems to have discovered the “crushing” fetish.  She’s a cutie patootie from down south.  I’d love to deeply worship her feet, especially intimately knowing the depths of Texas sweat.  Check her Out, she hasn’t updated since the Summer of 2022.

Pink Kate 5

You know, Pink Kate 5 really doesn’t have alot of promotionals, so i’ll make this short and sweet.  She feet are ridiculously beautiful imho and she’s pretty damn cute as well, so I want ed to send her traffic in hopes that she updates at some point, and I also wanted that data for this foot fetish directory.  Anyway, Check her Out if you wish.