This Vintage Sandra Shine is from 2001, 13 years ago, and how the internet has changed, but she looks almost timeless…  And her feet are gorgeous!

Check Out Hot Legs and Feet

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3 Responses to “Vintage Sandra Shine”

  • my name is thomas and i like fealme feet but having hard time finding any woman who’s willing to spend the time without asking $, and it’s get’s worse, since most women are closet minded about their feet and reckon any man who’s foot fetish is weird should look at themselves in the mirror. fealme foot fetishm is the most commmon among the fealme anatomy and i know for fact that there’s a ratio of over 10 to 1 of men loving fealme feet around the world. i prefer mature over 40 with size 7 feet pedicured, but know that mostly young girls from 18-35 show off their feet for tease and that’s their choice but a real turn off to a man who’s a real foot fetishist like myself. what she’s tellin everyone is look but if you want to touch i need lot of $, then i say go glide. i don’t even spend time with pro ladies anymoe since the early 80 s. pro ladies don’t last too long in that particular affair unless their well established with their clientele, so ladies don’t reckon we’re all weir because we like your feet let us like your feet you might even like it.

    • I am quite sure they are very late 1920s or 1930s. I recall seneig a dominatrix wearing crotch-high boots in a c. 1930 German cartoon but that was years ago and I have no remembrance of where I saw that now. The L.A. boots were inspired by turn-of-the-century lace up boots, but they were made later as the heels attest. A lot of fetishwear refers to older styles corsets, torpedo bras, garter belts, seamed stockings

  • Yeah I’ve seen the ballon fseith guy on your myspace and he left a few comments on your pics. Yeah the smelly feet business is alittle creepy, I can only imagine what other people said. I’m sure theres probaby someone who wrote you something asking you not to take a shower for 3 weeks and make a video lol