Enchanted Foot, was a popular site back in the day, enjoy the old promo material.

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2 Responses to “Enchanted Foot”

  • Hey thanks for post of Gate-To-Eva and Enchanted Foot. I miss Christine from Enchanted Foot. I may have images of her on my old PC. I remember some other foot fetish sites from the past. LissasFeet.com, EricaMilano.com, OhMyHose (SexyMichelle.com), AmateurArdianne.com, Young-Goddess and InTheFeetoftheNight. FMConcepts and LexisFootFetish.com is still around. These sites are here today and gone tomorrow. Best to enjoy them while they last.

    • Hey no problem, I miss these sites too. I was lucky enough to work with the webmasters when they were around and they are family. Thanks for posting SirB!