The Definition of Power

The Definition of Power, via patent leather heels is something that does quite well.

Huge Foot Album

This guy has the hook on social media feet with his Huge Foot Album.  Kudos!

Mature Amateur Feet

These Mature Amateur Feet are pretty I tell ya.  She looks like quite the exibitionist.  Many nudes of this one spread out through her blog.  It’s worth a look imho.

Foot Goddess Anna

These are some of the most beautiful feet that I have ever had the pleasure to gaze upon.  Thanks Foot Goddess Anna, for this treat!

Just Beautiful Feet

Holy crap, what a find!  …Pats self on back. 🙂  Just Beautiful Feet right here, nothing else, and nothing else needed!

Amateur Long Toenails

Aren’t these Amateur Long Toenails, some of the prettiest feet that you have ever seen?  This chick does it up right!  Click and enjoy!

Beautiful Long Toenails

Ok, as you know, I am partial to Beautiful Long Toenails, Good Lord, so fucking wonderful.  This is a new page I found, so enjoy it!

Tumblr Long Toenails