Amateur Canadian Feet

These Amateur Canadian Feet aren’t as streamlined as I might like, however, god bless this woman for putting up pics of her feet in the first place!

Domina Feet

This amateur babe with Domina Feet hails from the Southern California area.  Any takers on worshipping this one?

Cute Amateur Feet

She is definitely on the Asian side, but she has a good amount of pictures of her dainty feet.  You go girl, with your Cute Amateur Feet.

Foot Worship Amateurs

Chaz Fontana is at it again.  The creator of such foot sites like fivelittlepiggy and beautifulfeetonline, has a new site where he smells and worships his girlfriends feet online.  Is it worth checking out?  Absolutely!

Long Skinny Toes

I really dig the full nail beds of this one.  check out these Long Skinny Toes and tell us what you think!

Manda Panda

She looks pretty cute, and this personal tumblr page is all about her feet… well mostly!  Check out Manda Panda is you like the pic!

Halloween Feet

Sadly, this is the only picture of this beautiful, early twenties woman.  Man is she beautiful.  So check her out and be sure to ask for more foot pics!

Ilse Acorta

Ok I am in love with Ilse Acorta.  I think that her feet are among the most beautiful I have seen.  And her being in Texas, well, I only know how stinky her feet must get after a hard day at the ranch!

Hot Coed Feet

If Hot Coed Feet are your thing, you will have a fun 10 minutes or so, browsing all of the coed feet here that this person has collected.

Feisty Feet

Feisty Feet is the personal blog of a woman that has size 8 feet.  I hope that you enjoy the find!