More Pretty Amateur Feet

Ok, it’s Xmas time and that means More Pretty Amateur Feet.  Like this little darling that I just found online.  I do love the length of her toenails, as well as all of those pretty little freckles on her cheeks <3

Missy Rhodes Feet

Missy Rhodes seems like a down ass chick.  I think that she is a beautiful creature and her feet are very cute in so many different ways…

Ash’s Feet

This is a nifty little tumblr site from a couple that has a bit of a voyeur thing going on, in having pleasure showing his girlfriends feet off.

Tis the Season

For cute Halloween feet!  This one is from a very cute model from the instagram universe.  You saw it here first!  Check out her page and enjoy!

Foot Goddess Anna

These are some of the most beautiful feet that I have ever had the pleasure to gaze upon.  Thanks Foot Goddess Anna, for this treat!

Goddess Tricia

Some beautiful feet here, on Goddess Tricia.  I love the little tattoos that she has on her feet as well!

Yelahia’s Feet

What a delight to behold the Beautiful Spanish women showing off their feet.  Yelahia’s Feet is a tribute to this!

Just Beautiful Feet

Holy crap, what a find!  …Pats self on back. 🙂  Just Beautiful Feet right here, nothing else, and nothing else needed!

Lindsey Leigh

Oh my,  Lindsey Leigh is quite the stunner here.  You know I really dig it when women have pretty feet and aren’t afraid to show it!

Ashley’s Soles

Ashley’s Soles belongs to a woman that lives in California.  I like her because most of the pics that she has on her page are of her feet.  You Go Girl!