The Definition of Power

The Definition of Power, via patent leather heels is something that does quite well.

Women’s Feet on Pinterest

This guy, whoever he is, has the hook on Women’s Feet on Pinterest.  Check out the wonderful selections!

Huge Foot Album

This guy has the hook on social media feet with his Huge Foot Album.  Kudos!

Ashley Soles

Well at the very least, I love Ashley Soles verbal skills and pics of her feet that she has.

Classy Feet

This Classy Feet blog has alot of sexy feet from many different women.  I like the variety that is here on this little slice of pie on tumblr.

Hot Coed Feet

Most of what you will find here, is nothing but Hot Coed Feet.  Enjoy the angry essences or the younger generation.

Mature Amateur Feet

These Mature Amateur Feet are pretty I tell ya.  She looks like quite the exibitionist.  Many nudes of this one spread out through her blog.  It’s worth a look imho.

Sweet Feet

This one has various Sweet Feet from various websites.  I really wish that they would put the links from the sites…  Blah, anyway, here ya go.

Sweet Feet

…Sweet Feet’s a nice little blog on the social media hemisphere, from coed to mature, this one has a pretty good collection of foot fetish loveliness.

Amateur Feet

If you’re into Amateur Feet, you might want to check out this blog.  That is all, and Happy Tuesday!